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Post  Urban Samurai on Tue Dec 02, 2008 8:30 pm

1/10/2010, Texas, unknown location.

The invite seemed too good to be true: Mr. Speedwagon has asked personally for your help in new study. Our research Dpt. is looking to hire outside assistance in a growing new field. We believe your expertise would be invaluable.Your pay will be substantial, and all money spent on business will be out of our pocket. Tickets to the meeting are enclosed with this letter, you need only bring yourself and any family that will be taken care of by our hospitality crew until you have either finished your work or quit. Although never mentioned, you knew exactly what field of study they were talking about. Once the time came, and one free plane flight to Texas later, you were approached by a young Mexican boy, that couldn't have been more then 12, holding a sign board with a bunch of names on it. After staring at you and tugging on your hand, he led you to a helipad situated in a far corner of the airport. It was empty except the helicopter and a man leaning against it. "So more new recruits, hope these guys play nice." A suit and tie seemed a little well dressed for a pilot, and his attitude didn't match his attire nor did the pile of cigarette butts at his feet. He waited till the boy had brought a few more people then motioned for everyone to get on. "Sorry kids but this is gonna be a long flight." After two hours of what felt like flying in circles you landed. The place looked like someone had ripped the top off of an aircraft carrier and thrown it down. Other than that the only building looked like it was miles away. What looked like a heavily armored golf cart pulled up along side you once the blades came to a stop, and an extremly friendly looking man in a bus buy uniform rushed up, handing a thin box to the pliot then addressing you. "Good sirs and miss please come with me; it's not much farther." The pushy bastard practically shoved you into the golf cart at lightning speed then floored it. 8 miles and one too many stories from the driver later, you arrived...kinda. "If you don't mind I'll take your bags; just leave them with me." Although how he acted there really was no choice. He smiled as he shoved you in the direction of quite possibly the longest escalator you've ever seen, not to mention that it was surrounded by running water. "This is the last of it. Once you arrive say hi to Mr. S for me." As you rode down the mile long escalator what looked like tiny silver fish hopped in and out of the water noiselessly around you. But that tiny distraction was nothing compared to the building that towered in front of you. It was tall enough to make the Tower of Babel look like a speck in the mud; how this thing was built seemed impossible. At the bottom of the excruciatingly long escalator you stepped onto a glass walkway to the monolithic doorway, that looked more like the gates to the Emerald City then a simple business. Looking below the glass at your feet you'd notice that the building continued below the ground seemingly forever.

"Welcome, please take a seat." The dark skinned receptionist seated behind a circular desk gently swung her arm at the hat shaped seats lining the walls. "It shouldn't be much longer; they're preparing a room for you now." Although she was talking to you, she never looked directly at anyone; she just seemed to space out. Stranger still was the fact that the desk was barren, not even a damn lamp. On top of that it seemed like the designer was obsessed with silver, because damn near everything in the room was silver the walls, floor, ceiling, even the receptionists hair. The only thing that wasn't was the giant black and white checkered letters S & W slowly spinning in the center of the room. The lobby you were waiting in sat at bottom end of a Y shaped room, the receptionist's desk right at the split. In the halls there were elevators on each side, and they were stopped on strange numbered floors...999?...G1?...0083? A loud popping noise made the receptionist stand up suddenly, then just as fast the giant letters started to raise into the air reveling yet another elevator. "If you would kindly get in, I'm kinda busy here." She tapped her foot as everyone climbed in and it slowly closed. But the slow motion didn't last long as the elevator started to drop at an insane rate, fast enough that you could feel the heels of your feet starting to raise off the floor. The ride ended as abruptly as it started, the door slowly opening to reveal what looked like a penthouse suite. Situated in the center of the room near what looked like a fully stocked bar even with a elderly bartender, there sat a black man who looked to be in his late 40's wearing a black suit and bright red bow tie.

"I apologize for the long trip, it's sort of a test, a way to get a feel for your personality." He sighed as he took a long drink and motioned for the elderly bartender to pour another. "Although we pretty much knew everything about you anyways, but the guys downstairs make every one go through that trek." He quickly finished his glass and motioned for another."Anyways, I believe we have business to discuss...."
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